Monday, November 24, 2008

free promo

Time for some free promotions here.

There's this shop called Kaison (nda cantik nama dia kan?) just next to Servay Putatan. Sells household and home decor things. But I only realised today that the stuffs they're selling are much cheaper than anywhere else.
For example this glass canister is RM 6.90 a piece. I know it costs a whole lot more in Signature(oops! sorry Signature).

And this bakul rotan belapik (featured by shabbymom before), priced at RM 12.90. You can find a lot of these at Wisma Merdeka too. No need to name the particular store. But it costs more there.

This is only RM 9.90 at Kaison. But at a certain store, its RM 13.90 . Quite a difference kan.
The shop is pleasant to have a looksie. You're greeted with the lovely smell of pot pourri and you'll be marvelled at so many cute little things. I like the many glass vases with the assorted colorful pebbles. And the gift wrappers, gift boxes, scented perfect for christmas present shopping.
Promo number 2 : Rehat & Sehat Reflexology. (again, nda gah namanya kan)
I tried the full body massage just now , my back has been aching for weeks and I had this place' name at the back of my mind since reading Sharon's post. All I can say is, thank you Sharon for recommending this place. Betul-betul bagus oh dia urut. Terasa. And I feel instantly refreshed. So where is this place? Wisma Merdeka, Tingkat 2 , new phase. Round saja di belakang belakang tu mesti jumpa. But upon entering, you must be prepared to 'not be impressed' with the interior. It's a humble place. No ambience whatsoever. But the masseur do know her thing. You won't be dissappointed.


Anies Azeera said...

Ya, murah kan barang di Kaison tu. Tu glass canister I have juga tu, my hubby beli d Parkson last year. Eh, memang jauh lah beza the price.

Tapi memang maju sudah bah Putatan ni. Mau di round kedai-kedai sana tu, mana tau ada hidden treasure. hehe...

whimsical said...

boleh tahan..nama dia kaison, entah entah kedai si minson kan wakakakakakakak.very rhyme o. pasti ku unjar for christmas gifts. the tukang urut berapa rogono dia syak?

Shabbymom said... promo untuk KAISON!...bida banar namanya atu kan...& berapa RM tu beurut tu?...macam aku pun mau lahhhh....

fabmom said...

ekekekekk! telampau jua kau tuduh c minson,whimsy..
the urut full body RM 50 1 jam.cubalah.
anies..memang hari tu ada d parkson..nasib aku x jadi beli..tapi kali quality pun x sama ba tu kan..peduli la..bukan mau pakai d oven.

Just plain Sharon said...

you were there?! the massage bestkan...but tu lah tu teda ambience...gotta tell ayub to improve on that. thanks for sharing your promo story.