Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sick and unfit has its perk

A lethal combination of gastritis and migraine attack sent me crashing on the bed for 4 hours yesterday. Unable to move, head splitting, bile up my throat. I kept vomitting until i just sat slumped beside the toilet. I made the mistake of taking my migraine med first and then remembered an hour later when my tummy ached and twisted that i SHOULD take the gastric pill first, ALWAYS. Oh god, the realization just double up the pain.

I also realise i'm so unfit because my tummy cramps when i heave and squeeze to vomit, like the muscle is jolted and shocked to suddenly be squeezed so many times. Muscle like i'm not already dying. I'm sure i won't have muscle cramps if i had done push ups. Regularly. Sick and unfit. Can i be more sad?

In my sadness though, my spirits upped by the show of kindness and maturity from the kids. Them and their cousins are all here. One immediately brought me water and made me sandwich, another collect the dirty clothes and put in the washer, the others tidied up the kitchen. They tiptoed around making sure not to bother me. They can actually do chores unsupervised. (tunggu sakit dulu la kan baru merasa). Its sweet though.

This morning the girls were up early wanting to hang the clothes but i've already done it.i'm feeling better. When i went down after shower, they were in the kitchen trying to make breakfast. One was frying the egg, the other spooning the rice out with the idea to fry it. She got the perencah nasi goreng out and the oil but wasn't sure how to proceed. (insert 'aaaaawwww' here for cuteness).

Once in a while i think its worth it to be sick and unfit. Don't you?

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