Monday, November 21, 2011

The excuse

I have neglected blogging because i have been maidless, and still is, so i'm a little bit bogged down with endless chores, and during the time that i'm not exhausted, i cherish the chance to curl up in bed watching tv rather than blog. I'm into Korea soaps these days. Luckily one has ended (i'm following 2 drama series). I don't intend to get hooked again after this but who knows.

I've got more time and energy to blog now since the school is over. Just some updates around here - the eldest is off on a school trip to Terengganu for the national scout event. The youngest misses him more than we do. He can't sleep in their room now that he's in there alone, so we got his cousin over to accompany him. He suggests that we all go holiday to Terengganu. (what can you do in Tganu anyway, other than visiting Sri's inlaws, dan apa kaitan?).

I dislike a post without picture but my camera is now with the travelling son and i hate taking pics on my iphone and transferring to this ipad.

As i'm writing this, hubby and kids are downstairs cheering on Malaysia soccer team against Indonesia. I'm the only one in the house who don't speak football. Even my daughter knows a bit about the national team. Me, ada aku kesah?

By the way have you all collected the cash from school? I've got the primary school's today, i'm collecting the secondary's tomorrow. I wish they hurry up about this. Luckily we didn't leave the country. We are doing cuti-cuti Sabah this time after Azim gets back the week after next.

Ok , that's all for now, as Najwa said, Got To Go.

Happy holidays! Have fun!

(They've gone quiet downstairs. They were cheering so loud earlier. Are we losing?)

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val said...

M...memang apa kaitan pi trengganu kan hahahahhaahahaha