Sunday, December 5, 2010


hey! i'm baaaack!!! good to be home!

how's everyone? how's your holiday going?

i just spent crazy fun 2 weeks in KL and Langkawi.

full report not ready yet. i'm not done sorting pics .

but basically here's what we did : attend wedding in KL, played in the beach at Langkawi and rode trishaw in Penang.

while i'm away, i'm happy to know dear Shabbymom had completed her renovation and now moved in to her NEW HOUSE. CONGRATS SHABBYMOM! i'm very happy for you. can't wait for her update and the house tour.

so, i'll be back later. i'm loading them pics into my facebook first.

1 comment:

whimsical said...

Velcome back velcome back!astaga 2 minggu pula kamu pi berpeleseran kan.bah cep at post the narration ah.