Saturday, July 31, 2010

Singapore 2010 : part 3 : city tour

Before going to Night Safari, we occupied the day with city tour by Ducktour service. We got the Sightseeing Pass which includes city tour, heritage tour & river cruise. There are plenty other packages to chose from, ofcourse. This pass is good for 2 days. If you got yours, remember not to chuck the tickets the first day.

Enjoy some pics before my narration.

upon arriving in Spore on Friday afternoon.

Checking in to Marina Hotel, Orchard Road.

We got to wait some time for the rooms to be ready.

Well, a lot of time really. 3 hours. We went off to dinner. Came back, not ready. Went off shopping. Came back still not ready. It was past 9pm before we were handed the precious keys.

I let the kids goofed around in the lobby.

Ducktour - double decker topless bus.

Sudah juga aku cerita ni dulu kan. Hop on, hop off bus. We repeated the experience for the sake of the children. This time, hopping off place we have not been before. Like Bugis Street.

Bugis Street. Tapi tiada bugis pun. Cina juga.

Ini macam Petaling Street lah gitu. Biasa biasa.

After that, the heritage tour. Going through historical sites around town. Just like our last trip. We were supposed to continue with river cruise but we missed the station and decided at 4pm, we might be too late for Night Safari later so all trooped back to hotel. The kids were happy enough to be left in the room watching TV while hubby and I checked out what's left in Takashimaya on the last day of Great Singapore Sale. Wajib lah merembat sikit-sikit kan.

Last day in Singapore, after checking out. Our flight is 5.50 pm. But we checked out 10 am so we could make the river cruise.

Malas aku semua gambar2 malar kabur. Bikin panas. Payah2 saja aku posing dengan baju baru yang dibeli di Takashimaya.

Ini tempat, Clark Quay. Tempat jeti river cruise.

Cantik bah ini tempat. Selalu di adakan persembahan/acara bila ada festival dsb.

Ngam2 bot yang kami dapat, kosong. Cuma kami dan satu Filipino. Good.

Ok, let me story about our cruise.

Ini bangunan hanya nampak dengan jelas melalui river cruise. Dalam tour bus, susah sikit.

Namanya Marina Bay Sands. Hotel 5 bintang baru. Itu 3 tower adalah hotelnya. Yang di atas macam surf board itu sky garden. Open to public on a certain fee. Dia juga memuatkan sebuah swimming pool olympic size. Not open to public, only hotel guests. Beautiful kan?

Next to it is a new casino shaped like a lotus flower. Seems the casino business taking off. They need to add more.

Apa lagi yang boleh dinampak dari river? Aku cerita saja la kan. Biar kamu boring. Ini hotel 6 bintang, the Fullerton Hotel. Sering menempatkan delegasi2 penting dari luar negara.

Dari tebing sungai boleh kelihatan ini structure. Dinamakan, 'the first kids of Singapore'.

This is copying Sydney Opera. Fungsi nya samalah, tempat persembahan opera diadakan (betul ka tidak aku ni).

Setiap river cruise harus lah singgah ke tempat ini. The Merlion. Mercu tanda bagi Kota Singa.

Cantik ka baju aku tu? (sekali lagi baru beli).

This is showing the mix of old and new structures in the city.

This is the largest pre-war building, prominent with colourful windows. It used to be the first Police Department building. Nowadays it's the office for Ministry of Information.

The spot for bungee jumping.

After the cruise and some browsing in the mall, we were off to the airport. Goodbye Singapore.

Ini apa kes? Haih...apa lagi..flight delay.

Nasib baik budak2 ni tidak terlampau meragam..they found things to amuse themselves.

Ini anak..muka dia saja memenuhkan kamera..

Well, that's all folks!
See ya!


whimsical said...

astaga hahahah terhibur ajkaka membaca.Si helmy memang charlie kan! dan julia is so sweet and pandai sudah pose pose.adorable! Paling ku kagum yg hotel ada surf board tu.Champen btl arkitek nya kan!
Dan my fav patung patung the first kids of spore. Astaga nampak so real kan!! tapi membari takut jua tu kalau malam.Mcm org minyak kan! Lawa baju mu M. Mana yg lain?post

fabmom said...

hihi..memang macam org minyak kan..heh!..tiada post utk pembelian..hahaha..tapi nanti aku menayang masa party kita ok!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Junita Safian said...

Salam, I am very intrigued with your trip. Thanks for the good narration. I am planning for the same trip to S'pore from 16th Dec-21st Dec, already bought flights but not the rest. Accomodation; my hubby's buddy is arranging. Can I know more on the zoo, double decker & other attractions, as this is our 1st trip to S'pore. Shame..we never manage to go to the nearer part...sigh..TQ

fabmom said...

Salam Junita. I'm glad to help.Try
there are all u need to know about the attractions.
The zoo - check out
The doubledecker bus - there r 2 co. operating it that I know, Ducktour and SIA. Go look for their booths to buy tickets. They offer many packages u can choose.This u can do when u arrive there. Enjoy your trip!