Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lambaian kaabah ke 2

i'm beyond excited. i can't believe i'm going there twice in a year. but that's what fated to me. i'm blessed. i should make good and do my best to obtain 'haji mabrur'. insya allah
yes. i'm returning to Mekah to perform haj after being back 6 months ago for umrah. it's coming clear to me. i remember everything especially the first time i saw kaabah. and i'm excited to see how far the mosque-expansion project gone. the last time i was there we had to trudge accross the rubbles of demolished hotel buildings to do pray everyday. during taklimat recently we saw the artist' impression and was..well impressed. its gonna be massive. though there might not be much progress in 6 mths but i'm still excited.

so when am i leaving? erm..tomorrow. gosh!!!!!! i know! i'm still pinching myself. its all going so fast! since the 2nd week of Raya when we received the news (but thought that we were in the last group like Nov batch) , hubby and I have been frantically reading books trying to get ourselves ready . but in the end you can't cram everything. i would just do my best and 'minta di permudahkan'. that's all i can attempt. my very best.

to all my friends, old and new, my family if you happen to read this- i'm going away for 45 days. i'm going to pray for all of you when i'm there. for your health, for your wealth, for your happiness. i hope you would pray for me & hubby to depart and arrive safely to our destination and come back here safely to the arms of our beloved kids. (i'm trying not to think about not seeing them for 45 days.gosh).

and my sincere apologies for any offense to anyone . i'm gonna miss you all. i'm gonna miss your blog.

see you back in december. enjoy the holidays.



Anies Azeera said...

Selamat berangkat ke Tanah Suci Fabmom and Jeff. Selamat pergi, selamat balik dan mendapat Haji mabrur. Amin.

Val Aziz said...

Semoga selamat pergi dan kembali..jadi bleh panggil Puan Hajah la nanti kan..

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