Saturday, September 12, 2009

september post

been a month, huh? and most of u have not been updating either. penat ka berpuasa? raya is around the corner now, ready or not. i'm not ready.i've done nothing around the house, deco wise. i've been busy baking cookies everyday, got the baju2 raya & stuffs taken care of, but that's about it. (maybe i need to shut down my fb, that's what! :D). how about u guys?

lots other things going on around here.
first - weeks ago, hubby's aunt got admitted to SMC and had an operation for a fractured ankle. after discharged (on the 1st day of puasa), she stayed on with us for 2 weeks while waiting for the first review. the leg is casted, she could only move in wheelchair. so we were kept busy with an OKU (ampun Mak Mok) in the house. after operation, she still need to return to hospital 3x a week for theraphy. that's my part, to drive her.

here she is, Mak Mok, the day of the first review. the doctor grinded a 'window' off the cast to see how the wound is healing. the equipment is scary and the sound is worst.exactly like mesin rumput. Mak Mok was scared shit.

the good news, the leg is healing well. there was nothing to worry and she's due next month for the second visit and take off the cast. that's after raya. terpaksalah dia beraya dengan kasut simen.

so between helping care of her and all, i managed 8 cookies. i don't know if i'll do more. see how it is, next week. the only week left before raya.

2 repeat of past year (kuih siput & butterfly cornflakes), the rest are new ones. i planned to do just 2-3, but they're so many pretty, inviting recipes in the mags. I like SAJI and KELUARGA sep issue. the one with Datuk K & Siti as cover. btw, romantik amat kan dorang..? baju2 Siti sangat sweet.
talk about baju, sempat juga kami ke KL last week. kami laki bini saja. khas untuk shopping raya. siok juga bulan puasa, nda buang masa berhenti makan. jalan dan shopping dan jalan dan shopping...till u drop gitu!
jadi aku mau menayang sedikit pembelianku. sedikit. kasut saja aku kasi tengok. malas mensnap yang lain, ok.

simple2 saja.

selamat membersihkan rumah!


whimsical said...

au memang patut di shut FB mu!malar ber farmer dan sorority mu !hehhehehe.lawa o kueh mueh mu.the one with jagus!mcm gemok jagus mu.kasi panyap sikit for teaparty kitani ah.and memang hebat pembelian kasut-kasut u!lumayan ya!taruh lagi bah persediaan raya

fabmom said...

hahaha!! memang fb-addict sudah.gila.we must t-party ah, soon!

Shabbymom said...

hahahaha!!!....ya!!!..gila!!!!...kelagi batah sudah kitani inda ber t-party!!!!!....after raya ah!!!...lawa2 pembelian kasut mu!!!...jadi kamu inda balik labuan lah tu kan?

fabmom said...

balik jua eh. hari friday ni tapi hari rabu balik sudah cni. kamu confm x ke tgnu?

whimsical said...

M, nanti kita pi "asalamualaikum" pi lamin si Sri ah. Jgn dia berani inda membuka pagar!

fabmom said...

yup! gud idea. cuba dia berani. kitani nyanyi lagu raya kuat2 d luar. lol.

Shabbymom said...

sot kamu!....aku konpom inda balik ganu!...kami raya di papar!

Anies Azeera said...

... waaah, banyaknya sudah kuih raya u fabmom! and The tat Nenas looks yummy.

..selamat membersihkan rumah juga!

fabmom said...

bah anies! lama juga projek mu. bila update?
happy raya. maaf zahir & batin ok!

willson said...

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