Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a bit of this and that

i can't believe it's july already. half the year is gone?

i wanted to blog about weekend but i got carried away with the sad passing of a certain celebrity. spent all day on youtube, watching his video clips. lol. i'm crazy i admit. my fav is the 30th anniversary special he did in 2001. his last live concert if i'm not mistaken. the late superstar. still doesn't sound real to me, to address him the late MJ.

but enough mourning. everyone will go. his time had come. i'm more sad that his body hasn't been laid to rest. its already a week. 2nd autopsy? when's that, a month? two? poor guy.

my SIL came down from Labuan last Friday. hubby's niece celebrated her 15th birthday at our place. lots of food. too much. i swear there were leftovers for 3 days.

and then they were playing this..this..dancing step thingy. this years-ago-game. their aunt just bought the mobile dancing pad to play at home. they were at it all night and all day the next day.
saturday night, they went group outing to watch Transformers with their aunt , only returning home past midnight.

too much fun and too much staying-up-late i guess cos next morning 1 boy came down with fever. Helmi. and a day after, his brother.

meanwhile, me & hubby found this nice spot. well it's been around all along, but we never stop at this cafe in the afternoon. it was a nice breezy sunday afternoon. the place directly faces the sea. just one second on the reclining settee, you'll feel like sleeping. hubby is taken with the gazebo. he wants to fix the same at home, out the front yard. you can order them from Bali, there's a website.(what do u think, S & V?). it was quite cosy in there. just the right size, with 2 little tables, comfy matts either side. throw some cushions, perfect for afternoon tea or picnic. or.....kalau buduh, pulled the curtains around tight dan ber'projek' d tengah2 laman! i'm crazy. excuse me.


Shabbymom said...

wow!...d mana ni cafe bisai ni?....ok bah tu....mlm2 bulih berprojek!!....tapi jgn lupa tutup tabir nya ya...hahahaha....sama pasang ubat nyamuk!!!!

whimsical said...

Sot u kinky gal, Happy la kuyuk si james wong kalau kamu berprojek di laman seni!wakakaka.di mana cafe tu?sure inda nyaman kan makanannya...kenapa inda u komen pasal foodnya?Hmmmm ka foodnya?

fabmom said...

cafe d Beringgis Resort. Cabana Cafe ka apa namanya. Kami makan club sandwich. nyaman jua, inda fail tapi tiada ambil gambar.

Val Aziz said...

heehehehehehe 18SX sekali