Sunday, July 19, 2009

see food

as the title suggests, today we will see food. not necessarily seafood, all food. T_T !!

here's what we were up to yesterday. hi-tea gathering to celebrate 2 of our brothers birthday. cupcakes for Nazri by yours truly. hi-fibre cheesecake by Secret Recipe for Ruzainie.

Ofcourse we didn't just have cakes. Our version of hi-tea is slightly different. in our dictionary, high=heavy.

i made beef macaroni & cheese and grilled lamb. a nephew contributed home-made sushi. sushi is never my cup of tea, but actually it's not bad. maybe next we'll try japanese-themed tea party. after i learn how to make it , that is.

happy sunday, people!


Anies Azeera said...

.. nyum nyum.. sedap all the makanan! ... rajin o u memasak.

whimsical said...

waduhhhhhh mbakkkkkk memang lumayan makanan nya!!! Nyaman tah the cheese cake hi fibre? Tapi the cupcake memang penyeri kan!

Shabbymom said...

bisai kan makanan bisidia!!!....semua nyaman-nyaman!!...bah bila kitani punya next teaparty?

fabmom said...

hi-fibre tu fav c ruzaini, dorang c faez belikan. aku x berapa. dan agak bida rupa parasnya kan.tulisan icing pun x nampak.

Val Aziz said...

aduihhh terliur I nampak the beef makaroni n cheeze...slurpp

nenektudung wangiwan said...

kak mahani mintak resepi beef and makaroni cheese tu.... bole???