Sunday, February 15, 2009

saturday story

Saturday was spent at my brother's house. His daughter had her 1st birthday party. Adriana. My youngest niece.

And she share the same birthday as her mother, Yana.
How nice kan my brother. Sekali saja dia raikan birthday anak & bini. Terus Valentine lagi tu. Tidak payah pening-pening ingat banyak tarikh.
For my hubby (mau juga menyelat cerita sendiri), dia paling pening bila May. First week our youngest son's birthday, 2nd week Mothers Day, 3rd week my birthday and 4th week our wedding anniversary. Tiap-tiap minggu kami celebrate sepanjang bulan !

Bday girl with her dad.

Birthday girl and birthday girl mom.
Selepas makan-makan we stayed a bit and went for briskwalking at Tasik Likas , nearby the house. Sampai juga 3 round kami. Harap-harap burn calorie la tu.

Have a happy Sunday!


Shabbymom said...

aduihhhh....basar sudah c baby tu kannnn.....cute banar!!!

mama nya betudung sudah kannn....

lain jua cerita.....mau kasi ingat kami kah tu...ur birthday inda batah lol lol!!!!!

Anies Azeera said...

O ya? your wedding anniversary is on the 4th week of May? .. hehe mine too.

Val Aziz said...

Pokai boss datang bulan lima hahahah..

fabmom said...

Brengsek Sri! LOL..LOL..hahahaha!!!!!

whimsical said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL (mau kapisan u ni kan M membaca LOLO LOLOLOL) aku takut tertaip toyol ja o! Anyway, sumandak suda si adriana kan. basar matanya!

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