Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tea Party

Masa untuk menjeleskan orang. Our second makan-makan for this month. 'Tea' has long been expanded. We have proper lunch nowadays before proceeding to tea.

Lunch theme was malay food.

Shabbymom's ayam kicap. Excellent. Boleh cater.

Tenggiri masak lemak by yours truly.

Kailan with beef, Fabmom's.

I like this buahtangan from Whimsy. Pretty, cottagey and mysterious..hihi. So what's in the jar? And what's in the tin, and what's underneath the ribboned doilie?

Ok. The jar contained pickled cucumber. Personally invented. Boleh tahan sedap

And the covered dish contained rows of neatly rolled omellete. Egg omelletes coated with mayo and bbq sauce. Very sedap, very sedap. ( I kept some for dinner and the kids liked it).

The tin contained desserts for tea - cotton pudding (my fav) and cheese swissroll. Other desserts supplied by Shabbymom- choc eclairs, (yummy yummy) and my own carrot cake & banana bread.
Punya kenyang kami. At least those 2 hit the gym earlier. I need to go brisk walking.
I leave you with this picture of Whimsy.

I should have taken a close-up on her dress. Lovely dark floral, light, airy and made her look very slim.


Shabbymom said...

best! best! best! kan our lunch + tea!!!!!....tapi kita misti "hit" tu dim sum jua ok!!!!!

whimsical said...

ok set! Mcm cikgu piano yg lurus o gmbr aku.Up sikit dari penjual taufu lah. Kamu tau tarus aku terlimpang juga sampai rumah.Kekenyangan!!! Ok teaparty tema dim sum aft CNY!

fabmom said...


Sandra@miabambina said...

hi! blog hopping here
wah so nice the tea party!!!

btw have a nice holiday!

fabmom said...

hi sandra! Thnx.happy holidays!

Anies Azeera said...

...memang menjeleskan tea party kamurang ni. Egg omelletes c Whimsy pun so neat, make me teliur. And the cakes, the eclairs ... eh tapun-tapun ja lah.

22 said...