Saturday, April 27, 2013

When i got home from Bali,  i anxiously asked my son how his game went that morning ( they usually have match Saturday morning). He told me he missed it because he got the time wrong and they changed the venue. That made me feel bad, i would have waited a bit and ring up his coach for him had i been there. Fortunately it turned out, the match was a friendly so no foul.

Today they played against Tunas Menggatal and won. I don't remember the score. I can't wait for this tournament to be over. It's rainy season and he's constantly coughing and sneezing from training in the rain so much. His voice is croaky. Today he told me he wants to quit the Choir because he's losing his voice.  I didn't tell you he's in the school choir too, did I? He got many different interests, this boy. Football player....singer....and later, maybe, he told me..ustaz.  Hmm no comment.

I was also anxious for my other son, si Abang who was away in Membakut for Seminar PMR. He got back a day after we did. He passed with flying colors, alhamdulillah. A special PMR camp for KRK school Zon Pantai Barat. He came out top for his school, and second overall from 5 schools of Pantai Barat. Congratulations my boy and well done. (And..yes ..i know i will get your new handphone..).

What about the daughter, you ask? The least active in school. She doesn't care much for co-curriculum or sports or persatuan. Academic pun so-so ..i could only identify one clear interest of her so far, that is shopping. Dear me.. She has a school trip coming up in June to KL and she's excited. I hope she learns something other than shopping.

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