Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What Up

I'm a slacker I know. This is so long over due :

Mother in-law is recovering from an operation. A week before Aidil Adha she had a surgery to correct a spinal problem. She now has 2 screws secured on her lower back. She is recovering well and improving daily and is walking. We are so glad.

My son went for camping again (scout thing). Just around the corner here at the council padang but involving a massive number, 2000 participants including 2 groups from Indonesia and Brunei. It was a Pre-Jamboree International in conjunction with 100 years of Sabah Scout existence. Not so glad here. I wish he would drop this activity. My sole reason being he always end up not bathing for days. I hate that. 5 days in the tent and doing chores and doing rock climbing, abseiling and whatever stuffs scouts do, he only bath twice. yikes.  When my daughter and I went to register her at the secondary, she chose to discontinue her Pengakap and change to Pandu Puteri, seconded by me. She doesn't need to get burnt and stink.

Speaking of daughter, her UPSR result was out yesterday. She managed 4A 1B. Ok by me. She came a long way and we're proud of her.

Can you excuse my laziness, this post will be pictureless. I'm not up to loading any.
I hope you are enjoying your holiday. I'm thrilled for my friend Sri, who is away on a London and Paris trip. Already she's posting so many fun and beautiful pictures over there. I can't wait for her story.

See ya!

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