Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm here

......right where you left me 3 weeks ago. has it been 3 weeks. oh dear.

the daughter has recovered from the pox. she thinks she did ok in the exam. the brother caught the measle and has since recovered too, only resuming school this week. i suppose i'll just wait for the third child to get his turn and get this all over and done with.

the weather probably caught it too, i mean, it's raining tons every day and such strong angry wind.

while holed up here i have done more bakings and here to show you 3 new tries.

butterfly cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate.
a simple usual cupcake, just fancy it up.

this is a jalur gemilang cake. did this for my childrens' open house, happening on malaysia day. was too tired to snap proper photos.  anyway it was messy and ugly. i just wanted to see if i get the design right. this involved some tedious work. baking one color in 5 pans for 1 recipe. then another color using half recipe. then stacking 3 layers, then cut and mix and stack the remaining 3 layers.

i'm into challenging cakes these days. kunun.

applying the same technique as the flag cake, this is a checkered chocolate and vanila cake. i took more time with this to get it properly stacked and clean lined. next time (if there is), i'll frost it with chocolate ganache. this one i just wanted to use up my leftover fresh cream.
so, until later, happy wet weather. take care.

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val said...

hebat kek kupu kupu m!! akak bangga dgn kek yg sudah bertaris taris dan sulaman tersbut!!!!!