Friday, August 3, 2012

Double Loss

Every Ramadhan we tend to think of lost ones, walk down the memory lane and brace the sadness of missing them as we pepare to celebrate Eid. As I get older, one of the things I dread is losing more relatives around this time.
You'd think it'd get easier, that you'd get hardened and detach yourself emotionally because that's the fact of life. But sometimes the barrier wall comes down. As did yesterday.

Both my aunt and uncle passed away yesterday morning. The shock numbed us for a second. One is buried in Kota Belud and another is buried in Papar. The whole day was spent basically on the road trying to get from one to another opposite end to attend the burial. It became possible due to fact that uncle's body was arriving from Lahad Datu and only arrived Papar after maghrib. But add the bad traffic , especially Papar highway, we made it just in time. I have been having iftar at home since the start, yesterday was the first on the road. It's also the first time I attend night burial.

Al-fatihah to the souls of my last living maternal aunt and my last living paternal uncle. There isn't regret. Both had long productive lives. May they rest in peace. Amin.

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