Friday, April 15, 2011

reckless me

monumental terribleness happened that made me want to shoot myself. i wish yesterday 4pm didn't happen, that it was all a dream. a bad nightmare.

i wrecked my car, destroying the fender while trying to manouver a narrow lane and caught the back corner of a truck that carelessly parked exceeding  space. it escaped unscathed. no point blaming truck. i should have been more careful.

i know, oh-my-god is right.

i feel sick to my stomach with horror and guilt. i have always scratched my car but this is the worst. i should be banned. i should drive a tank instead.

all this has eclipsed the excitement for an anticipated lovely weekend. everyone's busy with preparing for my son's and my mother in-law's  double birthday celebrations this weekend. a bit hard to lift up my spirit now.

i hope the weather stays fine. the party venue is outside  town. we're having a weekend getaway.

till then, have a fab day.

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